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Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner have been performing together as Magpie for almost 30 years.

Seven Quilts For Seven Sisters
Seven Quilts for Seven Sisters quilt show, A Stitch In Time", travels back to the old south and days of slavery in a performance featuring song, dance, history, stories, skits and quilts. Their lively performance depicts the joys of sisterhood and the trials of slave life and how quilting helped them cope. With their combined knowledge of African American Slave History and the practical craft of quilting, their program is dedicated to the idea of educating the public with entertainment.

Steal Away: Slavery and the Underground Railroad
"Steal Away" tells the story of Jacob, a runaway slave, as he escapes from the deep south before the Civil War. Based on historical documents, as well as hundreds of personal letters, diaries and journals this audio program transports the listener on the Underground Railroad as Jacob makes his way toward freedom in Canada.

The drama is interwoven with traditional music and powerful sound effects to illustrate this important period in American history.

Historical Resource

Underground Railroad Workshop
The Albany and Capital Region Underground Railroad

Travels thru History
Travels thru History sponsors guided tours of Underground Railroad sites throughout Western New York.


Ellen Levine

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Bob Warren

Mohill Design
The designer of our website.

Stephen Alcorn
Many thanks to Stephen Alcorn of Cambridge, New York for allowing us to reproduce one of his prints, "The Great Handshake", on our site.